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The Culture Square (Habima) Tlv  2015 110X135 cm.jpeg

A Certainty of Uncertainty

This ongoing artistic project examines the impact of the metaverse era on the cultural and aesthetic aspects of urban landscapes, as well as the idea of the city itself.
The metaverse, a virtual world where users can interact in a shared digital environment, is rapidly advancing and changing the way we interact with technology and each other. The project looks at how this new technology can affect the way we perceive and design our cyber cities, from the architecture and public spaces to the art and culture within them. It also examines how the virtual and physical worlds may merge and influence the aesthetics of our urban environments.
Additionally, the project examines the city as an idea, morphing constantly according to the perception of the changing reality, user needs, fashion, and the zeitgeist. It formulates a proposal for what the 'metacity' might look like, as well as the relationship and hierarchy between the city and its inhabitants.
Overall, this project is an attempt to anticipate the cultural and aesthetic changes that we may see in the urban cyberscapes of the future, as the metaverse becomes an increasingly integral part of our lives.

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