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Untitled 2016 50X75.jpeg

Fatale femme

The central theme of this project revolves around the formation of the Metaverse, a digital representation of our world. It explores how humans might be depicted within this universe and the aesthetic values that could shape its visual culture. An additional focus is on translating physical materials, textures, and experiences into their digital counterparts.

To achieve this, the project employs a process of breaking down sculptures into pixels through the processing of photographs. As the objects undergo pixelation, they gradually vanish into the vast expanse of cyberspace. The visibility of these works is contingent on the viewing distance: the figures become clearer from a distance, while the pixels become increasingly chaotic up close.

The sculptures themselves depict women in extreme states of ecstasy, blurring the boundaries between the realms of the mental and the physical. By subjecting them to pixelation, the intention is to convey the intricate and nuanced nature of human emotions and experiences, which may otherwise be lost or diminished during the transition to the metaverse. These emotions encompass a range of contradictory feelings, such as desire, pain, longing, love, anxiety, and loneliness. The project delves into how these complex and conflicting emotions can be effectively represented within the emerging digital medium.

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