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The 2060's -
memories of a forgotten future

Looking back into the next decades allows us to practice our ability of 'Future archeologying'-to dig forward in time instead of digging backward. In this way I examine humanity in the emerging digital universe, the relationships and power structures between humans and the metaverse, and the "city" visibility once these processes reach maturity.
Using images created by photographic means, on the border between the analogue and digital cultures.
In this project I create synthetic memories on an organic substrate, equally imagined as authentic; an attempt to
trace their origin will end in a failure, where can one track the source of a memory that has not yet happened?
The creative process begins with a still photograph which undergoes digital processing, during which I manually break it into pieces and then stretch one pixel at a time. In doing so I reconstruct the space and at the same time reveal the color and luminosity genetic sequence of the image. Next, I print a "negative" of the new image and create photosensitive papers by coating them with Cyanotype chemical Emulsion, and then, I make the final cyanotype touch prints.
The cyanotype prints give the images an instant patina, a sense of familiarity which stands in contrast to the digitalism of the images. On another level, the use of this ancient technique connects my work to the photographic tradition and at the same time creates unique images, but in this case - an image without a source.

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