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Zionist Lexicon

 The 'Zionist Lexicon' book was given to school graduates in my hometown. I used to read it constantly. On my last visit to my parents' house, I found my worn-out copy with its torn pages, compelling me to take it.

In August 2022, my family and I arrived at Freiburg Airport, in Germany. It was the start of our 1-year journey across Europe & and Morocco, prompting us to reassess our lives and identities as Israelis, Zionists, and Jews.

In the 'Zionist Lexicon' project, I'm printing photographs taken during our journey onto the pages of the book. The titles of the works are a combination of the lexicon values and the location it was taken. This expands the lexicon into an atlas that maps our travels. These hybrid images merge into the book's pages, disrupting both the visual and written texts, making it challenging to read, offering a new perspective on both the Zionist narrative and my personal journey between the ethos of the Saber and that of the Wandering Jew.

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